Saint Joseph Convent School
Digital English Communication course

Digital English Communication Course is a new English literacy course from Saint Joseph Convent School and Bright Future International Training & Services (BFITS) to assist SJC students in obtaining English fluency within an online environment. The aim of this course is to expand the world in English to Thai students through student-created online journals called blogs (weblog). Students will create a personal blog, research topics online, post their own writings, comment on classmate’s posts, and respond to comments. This will increase their awareness, confidence, and creativity to communicate in English both in and outside the classroom; as well as enhance their digital competency to navigate the world wide web effectively.


Promote interaction

Interact with classmates and the digital world in English. Students will navigate the internet through topic research, comment, and respond to classmates in English

Improve literacy

Reinforce and build on written English skills. Students will express experiences, opinions, and creativity in writing blog posts. Spelling and grammar checks will be used to reinforce rules.

Expand English use

Take English outside the classroom. Students will gain skills, confidence, and interest that will allow them to communicate in English not just in the classroom, but outside school and digitally.

Course grading

Participation (20%)

Participation is based on the quality of your comments. Quality is writing on-topic and using correct spelling and grammar in your writing. Your teacher will make 4 random in-class / online checks per term grading for comment quality. Your participation will help create and interactive online English community.

Homework (20%)

            Homework is based on the quantity of your comments. Quantity in the number of  comments posted on classmates writings. Your teacher will make 4 random in-class / online  checks per term grading for comment quantity. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class / week

Class work (50%)

Class work is based on the content, quality, and quantity of the writings you post on your blog.  Content is researching and writing about topics discussed and writing opinionated and creative posts. Your teacher will make 4 random in-class / online checks per term grading for post content, quality, and quantity.

Final (10%)

            A final will assess all the skills learned in the course. These skills will be presented on a student created poster board highlighting their blog. It will include the students’ favorite posts, comments, and pictures. More detailed final information will be given when assigned.

About BFITS:
Thurakitsarasonthet School (โรงเรียนธุรกิจสารสนเทศ) found in 1996, provides educational services to both professionals and younger learners. BFITS began in 2002 as part of Thurakitsarasonthet school. The philosophy behind BFITS is a holistic approach to education. We believe in delivering modern and integrated educational programs that respond positively to the needs of younger learners.

BFITS is also a full service training company providing a comprehensive learner-centered experience. We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to the learning experience.
Our use of technology allows us to tailor a program to suit the need of the learner and school while maintaining a high standard of education and low cost. BFITS works collaboratively as a team with our schools to provide the best responsive educational programs.

About Icon Group:
Icon Group Thailand (IGT) is a group of ESL TEFL TESOL websites providing educational resources and information to teachers, schools and students around the world with a special focus in Asia and the Middle East.

The group was founded in 2003 with the launch of TotalESL.com, an ESL TEFL TESOL job and teacher resource site. In 2009, IGT partnered with BFITS to develop Learning Management Systems (LMS) and elearning for BFITS students and teachers. Since then, the group has expanded to cover educational information, resources, services, elearning and more!

IGT is proud to partner with BFITS again to bring digital English literacy to the students of BFITS partner schools!